Truly blessed with what matters

There’s no better time than now to give thanks for all my blessings, and NOW would be true always, not just at Thanksgiving.

As eager and ambitious as I am, as impatient for results and progress as I can be, as anxious to be DONE, though I am never done, and as challenged as I feel when circumstances beyond my control interfere or cause me pain, I am also in awe of how blessed I truly am with what really matters – health, home, family, comfort and peace.

Thank God for my supportive, loving husband. My two beautiful daughters. A close immediate family and a large extended family. A home my kids love and neighbors who take care of us. A safe distance from the front lines of war, rioting and looting.

Thank you who follow, like, share, or just read. Thank you, clients, who give me the trust and privilege to get to know your brilliance and improve your professional position, income and quality of life. Thank you for keeping in touch with updates on your personal and professional achievements.

Thank you, partners, who think of me when some you know or meet needs my help, and who recommend me as a speaker and hiring or careering resource.

Thank you, friends from all walks of life, who enrich me and root for my success and growth.

I hope that you all can count as many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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