A Thanksgiving Poem

I’ve never been more thankful for breath.

Such a simple thing.

So easy to take for granted, but when it’s taken

And you don’t know which will be your last

It’s simply glorious just to be able to breathe.


And laugh… and sing.


It’s been a year full of magic and miracles

Of triumphs, travels, and transitions

Of scares, scrounging, and salvaging

But rich in love, faith, and connection.

All part of the whole of life.


For those who entrusted me

To do right by your referrals

And to those whose kids

You put in my care,

I am grateful and humbled.


To every employer and contact

Who took the time to notice

And appreciate my clients’ brilliance

And made efforts to position it

For the highest good, thank you.


To those who made possible

Memories I’ll hold dear forever,

Disney, the Poconos, da shore,

Frankie’s birthday with all the uncles

My family blesses you.


Dearest clients,

I can hardly get across

How deeply appreciative I am

That you open your mind, invest in me

And let me make an impact on your life.


I pray for those without a home.

I think of those without a family.

I send love to those who have been without.

I appreciate those who have sacrificed for me.

I promise, you and your actions are not forgotten.


In this moment

I am exactly where I need to be.

I am here, if you need me.

I am open to new people and experiences.

I am blessed just to be alive.


I know this more deeply than ever before.

Bathe in your blessings this Thanksgiving.


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