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  • A Thanksgiving Poem: Grateful for 2021 and Hopeful for 2022 and Beyond

    The best thing about 2021 is that it wasn’t 2020. Yes, we are still dealing with COVID, and have lost some along the way. Yes, we still live in a divided country and there are many living with divided families. True, not enough progress has been made to course-correct on very critical issues at a […]

  • A Thanksgiving Poem From My Heart to Yours

    The world slowed down Probably for too long. But while we were still, Back down to basics, We found presence Amidst the panic. Moments compelled reflection Inspired astonishment In it while observing it So deeply in my feelings While also somehow Outside my body. The leaves slowly grew in At times fought hard to stay […]

  • A Thanksgiving Poem

    I’ve never been more thankful for breath. Such a simple thing. So easy to take for granted, but when it’s taken And you don’t know which will be your last It’s simply glorious just to be able to breathe.   And laugh… and sing.   It’s been a year full of magic and miracles Of […]