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Ellen Fisher Epic Career Tales

Ellen Fisher is a female entrepreneur who has a passion for volunteering and giving back as well as a great ability to network a room and make everyone in it feel important. She also shared with us the secret of actually go in, ask for what you want and get it. Her current mission is to offer young people the knowledge, skills and resources that are helping them bring their bright ideas into reality NOW so that they can continue to be creators and contributors in even bigger and better ways.

Michelle Dale Epic Career Tales

Michelle Dale has a life that many would dream of. She can work from anywhere, at any time as a digital nomad. She has managed to make a sustainable living out of her virtual assistant business while traveling the world with her family. A real dream! If you always wondered how you could leave your routine life, discover many incredible places in the world while earning great income, find out how Michelle’s story can get you to that nomadic way of life.

Kareen Walsh Epic Career Tales

Kareen Walsh is a Solutions Strategist, Career Coach, Author, and Personal Adviser. She has been running her own coaching and consulting practice, Revampologist, for the last 5 years servicing clients in Colorado, New York, Montana, and San Francisco. Kareen loves to focus on personal and professional development because she believes one can not thrive without it. Working with C-Suite leaders, individuals, and start-up founders, she has the ability to disarm anyone with her empathetic ear and get to the root of what is holding them back so she can help them propel forward. She recently combined her 20 year of experience, lessons learned, and tool kit into her first book: Be A Badass: Six Tools to Up-Level Your Life.

Katherine Glass Epic Career Tales

Katherine Glass honed her craft as an energy healer for as many years as it would take to earn a PhD. Since she was a child, she also had psychic abilities. She and her husband, Jonathan Glass, help people holistically, physically and emotionally. Her next goals are to expand to teach bigger workshops and retreats outside of the Boston area, continue and expand her training of other aspiring psychics, and change even more people’s lives.

Jessica Serran’s Epic Career Tale

Jessica Serran, a full time artist from a small farm in rural Ontario, managed to overcome the cliché struggle of the starving artist. She is now making art at an international level, traveling, lecturing, and doing the things that completely light her up.  She is also working on helping other artists find their way to thrive in this potentially terrifying career.

Alison Laesser-Keck’s Epic Career Tale

Alison Laesser-Keck and her husband Bryan are Event Designers who have now figured out how to balance creating huge masterpiece events and traveling the world to keep their inspiration keen and their spirits high. They also balance the design and creation of these huge hundred thousand dollar events while also running a multi-million dollar business.

Nikki Goss’ Epic Career Tale

Nikki Goss, had a rock bottom of sorts, where the pain of going on as it was was scarier than committing to action. She got help, and that help along with her action transformed her self-image to new heights. Not only was she taking better care of herself, but she felt more capable of taking care of everyone else, and sought to be Mrs. Virginia to find new ways of caring for more people.

Jordan Boyes’ Epic Career Tale

Jordan Boyes dove in full force after carefully planning, learning and networking. What he has achieved is Epic, and I know there are a lot of readers who will be inspired by his story, which could be similar to yours some day. A strong independent, recognizable real estate brand was lacking in Saskatoon, so Jordan Boyes decided to create one and he broke records!

Patti Hunt’s Epic Career Tale

Listen to Patti Hunt’s Epic Career Tale

Patti Hunt retired from teaching high school science in Philadelphia expecting to work many, many more years, but not just because she has to sustain herself financially – because she found a better way to serve the mission that led her to teaching in the first place AND a better way to sustain herself financially by leading distribution for North America for USI-USA.

Darryn Zewalk’s Epic Career Tale

Listen to Darryn Zewalk’s Epic Career Tale

As a music minister and social media sensation, Darryn Zewalk has been using music, and now also the spoken word and books, to bring encouragement to the discouraged masses. Darryn knew from a young age that music was a God-given gift.