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  • Interview for the Office of Women’s Advancement and Advocacy: Job Searching, LinkedIn and Best Practices

    It was an honor to be interviewed by Christopher Waters for the Office of Women’s Advancement and Advocacy. We had a valuable discussion on job searching, networking, and LinkedIn best practices! We covered: The first thing to do when you begin your job search. The importance of having an updated LinkedIn profile. How to maximize […]

  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Co-Creation and Community Building

    I didn’t create goals this year. (*imagined gasping) They felt heavy – a reminder of all the goals I failed to achieve in 2020. As much grace as I gave myself, I also still carried that disappointment around with me without even realizing it until I sat down to make new goals. An awareness I […]

  • LinkedIn is Hiding it’s Best Features

      I’ve noticed over the 16 years as a LinkedIn user that, though LinkedIn has and offers some of the best practices, sometimes its interface doesn’t make following those best practices intuitive. In fact, some of its best features are hidden. Cases in point: 1. Personalizing invitations LinkedIn’s Quick Help resources advise and warn you: […]

  • Stop Treating LinkedIn Like An Online Résumé

    Are you using your LinkedIn profile as an online résumé?  In other words, does your profile reflect a personal brand you’ve carefully crafted, or does it just mirror your résumé? You know as a professional you need to have a presence on LinkedIn. You created an account, made a few connections, and copied a few […]

  • What is the etiquette with LinkedIn endorsements?

    Hi Karen, You are a linkedin guru so maybe you can offer some advice.   Without solicitation by me, people have endorsed me for Oracle Applications.  Why are they doing it and what is the proper etiquette.   Should I send a thank you?   Should I return in kind an endorsement? M. ************************************************************************************************** Dear M., Endorsements have […]