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  • A Day in the Life of You, Average 2019 American Worker / By Karen Huller / Labor Day 2019

      This morning, after a long weekend, You fight traffic Dodging rushing drivers To not get docked or dinged For being late or seeming like You can’t be reliable.   Another disgruntled shooter Showed up at work this weekend. You wonder about the people You were relieved to see go. Are they really gone? Not […]

  • Is There Still a Social Division of Labor?

      True story: last week a guy named Pat walks into Wawa to buy a cup of coffee and stands behind two men wearing suits. The two men were discussing why people wearing fluorescent vests should have their own line. Looking down at his own florescent vest, Pat inferred that these men were insinuating that […]

  • My Labor Day of Labor – I’ve Come Clean

    No, I didn’t have another baby. I spent my holiday fighting dust balls and licking paper cuts. After 3 years of compiling papers and collecting nonsense in my office, I “clean sweeped” (I know it’s swept, but it doesn’t sound right in this context.) There were literally 60 lbs. of paper and other junk purged […]