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  • Taking On Fixing the Broken System of Hiring and Careering

    So much money has been thrown into HR tech, and none of it has fixed what’s broken. Will you help me take on fixing the broken system of hiring and careering?

  • 7 Qualities to Weave Into Your Brand to Overcome Ageism

      I have covered ageism before, as it directly relevant and impactful to the demographic of talent I most often work with as clients – baby boomers. Sometimes perspective clients, even after walking them through the outcomes that they can expect by working with me, doubt that those results are possible for them because of their […]

  • Bias is Human, Yet Harmful

      In my recruiting days I had a Vice President who advised repeatedly, “Refute your bias.” Obviously there are biases that could get us in legal trouble, but she was more so referring to the more subtle biases that can make us dismiss or favor certain candidates. This advice was not in contradiction to using […]