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  • Inaugural Ambitions

    On Wednesday, my daughters watched the female vice president of the United States get sworn in. The ceremonious events, that thanks to COVID and virtual learning I got to watch with my daughters, represented new possibilities. They represented hope that the future will not look like the past… or the present, which isn’t working for a lot […]

  • Alternatives to Medication for Anxiety and Depression

      Two weeks ago I spoke to job seekers about forming habits, and I would be remiss if I did not address the emotional and psychological obstacles we often face to forming good job transition habits, including depression and anxiety. Though I did not ask anyone to speak up if they were suffering from anxiety […]

  • The Last 2 of 7 Methods of Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

      Have you taken the 7-day challenge to identify who is REALLY in control of your career decisions? Have you tried any of the first 5 methods I shared to overcome self-limiting beliefs? I would be very interested in hearing if you did, what results you found, and if you have found one that works […]