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  • 15 Ways to Leverage the C3 Community to Accelerate Consciousness and Your Career

      In 6 months, Lawrence and I grew the C3: Corporate Consciousness Co-op Community to over 100 people, and we’re still growing. This group’s vision was to put together leaders who have individually created their own ripples to elevate corporations’ consciousness and recognize that by working together, these ripples become larger, faster, and more powerful […]

  • Ditch the Drama – Part 2 Recap of the PA Conference for Women 2018

    The breakout session spoke to me: “Ditch Workplace Drama and Drive Results” Oh, Hallelujah! Now, it has been a long time since I had to deal with drama with any regularity, having not been a full-time employee for over 12 years. However, even as a subcontractor and volunteer, just the interacting with other humans for […]

  • Exit Interviews: 6 Questions to Gain the Utmost Value From Lost Talent

    I help talent leave. For many of them, change is hard. It inconveniences them, disrupts their rhythms, and makes them feel very uncomfortable and uncertain, even if it excites them at the same time. By the time people come to me to help them, they are usually in pain. Sometimes it’s even physical. Most people […]

  • Me Inc. – How to get started with personal branding

      Personal branding has been the “Buzz du Jour” lately on LinkedIn.  Numerous career coaches, brand evangelists, etc. have been posting their content in discussion groups stressing the need for people to establish their credibility via various social networks comparable to a company/consumer brand.  Interesting given I first learned this concept back in 1997 when […]