Tag: emotional release

  • How to Support Emotions at Work

    A recent loss is inspiring me to shine a spotlight on mental health. There’s no knowing what, if anything, might have kept him here longer, but I know many of us at this time who knew and loved him are wondering what we could have done more. These thoughts, while part of the natural process […]

  • Toxic Positivity – Answer The Call To Conscious Leadership

    Watch the replay. We had a valuable discussion on Improving Access to Resources and Opportunity.

  • Have You Ever Cried at Work?

    Have you ever cried at work? Whether personal or work-related? How about on the playing field? What were you taught to do with that emotion? Suppress it? Fight it? Hide it? Turn it off? Did anyone ever tell you to just sit with it? Let it out? Journal about it? Do those methods work, and […]

  • Flip The Script On Your Sad Story

    Are you someone that doesn’t feel very confident telling your own career story? Have you practiced it and rewrote it in the car, in the shower, before you go to bed, assessing each detail to get your story just right? Does it consume too much of your time and energy and diminish your ability to […]

  • The mirror of my ugliness

    It was a pretty ugly morning yesterday. The event that occurred later that morning was equally as ugly.   Ron Nash’s recent LinkedIn post got me thinking about how I get sometimes when people drive carelessly around me on the road, especially when my kids are in the car. I think to myself, “How selfish is […]