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  • How to Support Emotions at Work

    A recent loss is inspiring me to shine a spotlight on mental health. There’s no knowing what, if anything, might have kept him here longer, but I know many of us at this time who knew and loved him are wondering what we could have done more. These thoughts, while part of the natural process […]

  • Toxic Positivity: Do We Have To Feel Bad for Feeling Bad?

    Do we have to feel bad for feeling bad? NO! Feelings are hard enough. I’ll also add that hurt people hurt people and sometimes when we’re feeling bad, we misdirect our feelings into words and actions we can’t take back. Then we feel bad for feeling bad AND making someone else feel bad. Fortunately, this […]

  • Feminism in Action at Epic Careering

    Remember when I declared I was a feminist? Well, that wasn’t just an empty cry of support for my fellow females, and if you know me, you know I’m a woman of action, not just words. So, once I got off the fence and got on to the playing field for women, it was time […]

  • I Am A Feminist

    I’ve never identified as a feminist. Perhaps that is because I was taught by the men in my life that it was a dirty word. I might have even learned that being a feminist would damage my reputation and opportunity, assuming the doors to those opportunities had to be opened by a man, which is […]

  • Have You Ever Cried at Work?

    Have you ever cried at work? Whether personal or work-related? How about on the playing field? What were you taught to do with that emotion? Suppress it? Fight it? Hide it? Turn it off? Did anyone ever tell you to just sit with it? Let it out? Journal about it? Do those methods work, and […]

  • What Do We Really Need More of?

    Sing it with me…”What the world…needs now…is…” Before you go labeling me as a “snowflake,” or “airy-fairy” or an idealist, all of which I have been accused of and may or may not be true, let me ask you this…. What do you prefer? Love or Rules? In all the corporate disciplines that exist to […]