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  • Highlights of My 15 Years in Business

    On the 15th anniversary of Charésumé, LLC, I am looking back to the amazing highlights and connections I’ve made so far, and I’m also looking forward to even more conscious co-creation!

  • When Keeping It Real at Work Goes Wrong

    A conscious leader possesses the self-awareness to distinguish truth from story. Here’s how to grow as a conscious leader by developing self-awareness and using effective communication strategies.

  • Why NOW Is The Time To Raise Corporate Consciousness

    You can impact our future by holding yourself and others accountable to leading with consciousness. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of conscious leaders, how to hold yourself accountable and how to speak up when you come across low-conscious leaders.

  • Cheers to More Connection, Growth, and Sharing in 2020

    As we enter a new decade, I’m committed to sharing more valuable content in order to better serve my mission to help people’s professional growth. Plus, I’m putting in work behind-the-scenes to make sure my clients get the best of me. What is your vision for 2020?

  • ‘Tis The Season to Be Reflecting and Sharing

    In looking towards the New Year, I’m committed to raising your career satisfaction to epic levels so that you can make a huge positive impact in the world.

  • What Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Training ISN’T

    Why is emotional intelligence suddenly so touted as a major leadership skill? Because we know a lot more about what makes people tick, what motivates them, and what inspires top performance than we ever did before. HINT: It’s not the old dominant intimidation model that helped the moguls of the past become monopolists (Ford, Rockefeller, […]

  • Ahh. The end of the world as we know it.

    Over the past few years I have been doing some “light” reading on quantum physics in my “spare time.” I say it was light reading sarcastically; the content was so technical that I often had to re-read the same sentence several times to absorb its meaning. It was my “spare time” because I could rarely […]