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  • What’s Easier – Hire For or Train On Soft Skills

    Technology can be intimidating, but it isn’t going anywhere. Before technology was a mainstay in corporate America, loyalty, knowing your job really well, and working hard were top values. Now working smart is how people get more done in less time. Loyalty isn’t something expected or given; companies spend billions of dollars in hopes of […]

  • How to Custom-design Your Next Role or Get on the Executive Fast-Track

    How to Custom-design your Next Role or Get on the Executive Fast-Track If you’re not networking internally within your company (as explained in the last post) then you are minimizing your opportunities to grow in an organization. A record-breaking number of people are now just deciding to jump ship for better opportunities and pay. In […]

  • Another Key Habit to Turbo Boost Your Career Growth

      Last week I shared how you can make a habit of taking regular, strategic action to build and sustain accelerated momentum in your career growth, and I did a live FB broadcast in which I shared how often to evaluate your desired and actual career growth if you want to stay in control of […]

  • 10 Easy Ways to Infuse Optimism Into Your Culture and Life

      Part 2 of 2: Last week – Looking On The Bright Side: The Real Secret To Success Generally, organizations and people find change arduous and overwhelming. So, I hope it’s encouraging to learn that there are many very small things you can do to increase optimism, as well as practices that you can encourage […]