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  • Toxic Positivity: Do We Have To Feel Bad for Feeling Bad?

    Do we have to feel bad for feeling bad? NO! Feelings are hard enough. I’ll also add that hurt people hurt people and sometimes when we’re feeling bad, we misdirect our feelings into words and actions we can’t take back. Then we feel bad for feeling bad AND making someone else feel bad. Fortunately, this […]

  • Redefining Leadership

    What did you think leadership was when you were growing up? One of the scariest phases in a parent’s life is when they no longer are the primary influence on their kids. They choose a new “leader” to follow. But are they good ones? What were you examples were you taught from childhood to emulate, […]

  • Cancel Culture vs Conscious Capitalism

    A few weeks ago, I shared a story about a School Board Chair who stepped down from his leadership role in the wake of backlash against his graduation speech. Some comments reflected a wariness around people being ousted for saying something perceived as offensive, shifting the wrongdoing to the people so easily offended bullying people […]

  • Conscious Leadership Isn’t Perfect Leadership

    Conscious Leadership isn’t perfect leadership. With all the backlash surrounding cancel culture, how to hold leaders accountable is becoming more confusing. Can we hold leaders accountable without “canceling them?” A deeper look into this is coming; I have been pitching an article to major publications on this very topic. In the meantime, let’s ask a different […]

  • A Realistic Expectation for a More Conscious Career Path

    When the world (or your world) is hit by a major catastrophe, it tends to spur you to re-evaluate your life. It inspires re-prioritization. Often, professionals start reflecting on their careers, questioning if the time that they have been investing in a lucrative career has actually been adding any value on a wider scale, and […]

  • 5 Habits That Distinguish Leaders From Bosses

    Now that my daughters are on sports teams, I am teaching them what it means to be an athlete. They’re not new to sports; between the two of them, they’ve tried just about everything: swimming, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, horseback riding, basketball, gymnastics, and on and on. Officially now, they are on teams with uniforms […]

  • Own Your Words, Own Your World

    Mindfulness is a breakthrough technology that will help forward-thinking leaders solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

  • Have You Ever Cried at Work?

    Have you ever cried at work? Whether personal or work-related? How about on the playing field? What were you taught to do with that emotion? Suppress it? Fight it? Hide it? Turn it off? Did anyone ever tell you to just sit with it? Let it out? Journal about it? Do those methods work, and […]

  • What We Can Learn From the Success of L’Oreal’s Mindfulness Program

    Mindfulness is a breakthrough technology that will help forward-thinking leaders solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

  • Empowered Goals – Answer The Call To Conscious Leadership

    Watch the replay. We had an eye-opening discussion on Empowered Goals.