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  • Find It Hard to Break Bad Habits or Form Good Ones? Check Your Self-Talk!

    The inner critic… do we all have one? No, but the vast majority of us do. The real question is, what is it saying? Are you consciously aware of it? What decisions does it make for you? My first professional coach called the inner critic a gremlin. She was a great help in helping me […]

  • Own Your Words, Own Your World

    Mindfulness is a breakthrough technology that will help forward-thinking leaders solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

  • Why Using a Flip Phone Could Be Bad For Your Career

    Last week we talked about a few of the top soft skills in demand by employers, a few them related to being able to succeed and thrive in spite of conditions like constant change. Looking ahead, all companies have to prepare and plan for a future where workforces and cultures are built to be agile, […]

  • What’s Easier – Hire For or Train On Soft Skills

    Technology can be intimidating, but it isn’t going anywhere. Before technology was a mainstay in corporate America, loyalty, knowing your job really well, and working hard were top values. Now working smart is how people get more done in less time. Loyalty isn’t something expected or given; companies spend billions of dollars in hopes of […]

  • Ditch the Drama – Part 2 Recap of the PA Conference for Women 2018

    The breakout session spoke to me: “Ditch Workplace Drama and Drive Results” Oh, Hallelujah! Now, it has been a long time since I had to deal with drama with any regularity, having not been a full-time employee for over 12 years. However, even as a subcontractor and volunteer, just the interacting with other humans for […]