From the day we were founded, we have been committed to offering top-notch career coaching and résumé writing services. We are proud to have helped hundreds of corporate and entrepreneurial rock stars land positions that enabled them to expand their contributions, skill sets and lifestyles.


Our services are right for you if you:

❉  Want to be intentional about their next job and their future career path.

❉  Are ready to make an investment and be an active partner in the job search process. (To make a smaller investment and do it yourself, see our Products.)

❉  Crave greater fulfillment, a greater qualify of life, and opportunities to make a real impact.


It doesn’t matter if you have challenges, for instance if you experienced:

❉  Long-term unemployment

❉  Being underemployed/undersalaried

❉  Being “Overqualified”

❉  Changing careers or industries

❉  A bad exit with your previous employer

We help you overcome these challenges!

Our services are NOT right for you if you:

❉  Just need to make ends meet (see our Low-budget Résumé Options.)

❉  See your job as just something you have to do so that you can pursue your real passions in your spare time. (Time matters to us, because we don’t know how much we actually have.)

❉  Are driven purely by job security. (It’s an enigma. Our clients’ job security comes from their abilities to successfully manage their career through powerful personal branding.)


If you decide our services ARE right for you, we offer a holistic approach.



Fill out a Needs Assessment form today and return it along with your most recent résumé to

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