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4wayPEOPLE choose to buy from other PEOPLE. Furthermore, people buy from people they like. The challenge: Portray yourself as someone likable to your prospects while you also establish your company as a reputable, high-quality provider of products or services.

Through our Epic Branding and Social Selling programs, we will evaluate your personal and corporate brand-readiness and provide strategies and execution plans that are reverse-engineered to help you achieve your corporate and lifestyle goals.

A mistake many small companies make is hiring an entry-level or junior social media assistant to splatter social media messages around hoping that something will stick somewhere and leads will start pouring in. What they find is that, even though they are spending less on social media, they are not getting an ROI on their investment.

Social media by itself does not magnetize customers to your company, however. You need a sound social media strategy and a brand presence that speaks directly to your target prospects.

Just because someone needs your service doesn’t mean they will choose you, unless you are the sole provider of services. And, even then, not everyone who needs your services will be your customer.

How much time do you have to sort through and nurture leads that do not covert into customers?

It might sound scary to narrow your potential customer base, but when you have a brand that inspires customers who WILL choose you combined with a social media presence that makes you visible and attractive to them, you will close a higher percentage of your leads. Not only will you be generating more revenue for the time that you invest in sales, but you will also ENJOY the process more. The clients you work with will be the kinds of clients you are most successful with, and they will become raving fans who refer you more and more business. Every business owner wants more time, because the more time you have, the more you can grow and the more FUN you can have with the income your business generates.

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