Risking a life to save a life

Rayskaia skydive by  Alexander Savin on Flickr
Rayskaia skydive by Alexander Savin on Flickr


Do you have a cause so important to you that you would be willing to risk your life? How big of a game are you willing to play?


I spent an amazing few days in New York City this week with people who are playing a big game. These people want to amass wealth for themselves and for their families. But they are deeply invested in the success of their clients and they want to make huge contributions to this world. It was incredibly inspiring.


At the Rainmaker Summit, I met a guy name Mark Dana and his daughter Emily. Emily is entering her first year in college and has already been an entrepreneur for many years. She makes jewelry and has great demand or her art. At Rainmaker, she learned how to scale her business and become a millionaire, just like her dad.


It’s no wonder why she is such an incredible kid. August 9th Mark is risking his life to save other kids’ lives. Mark is going skydiving to raise money for Gift of Life, an organization that makes life-saving operations possible for children suffering from congenital heart disease. The 3rd annual Jump For Life event is being held in conjunction with the Locust Valley Rotary Club and Skydive Long Island.


He has never done this before.


Not only do I find it inspiring what he’s doing for kids, I also think it’s worth considering what some people are willing to do and how far they’re willing to go. In a world where people settle for less far too often, it is really great to know that there is a strong community of people who are willing to take on huge challenges for the sake of others.


You can help Mark Dana reach his personal $5K goal, which saves one child, by sponsoring him. Contact Gabor Karsai at 516-359-8028 or karsai@aol.com.


I wish Mark luck in his fundraising efforts and a safe landing, but more importantly the thrill of a lifetime in his freefall from an airplane at 10-30 thousand feet. I also wish the best of success for him, Emily, and all of the Rainmakers past and present playing a gig big game so that the world can be a better place.



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