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We stay in touch with the real estate climate. Because of the hype around the current conditions in the real estate market, real estate is one of the hottest markets to be in at this time. That is good news, unless you are having problems distinguishing yourself from the growing population of real estate professionals also trying to take advantage of this “perfect storm” climate. Where there is tremendous opportunity for financial gain, there is also tremendous opportunity for ethical debauchery.  Scams are rampant. And so are scam artists. The media is making sure that people stay aware of the unethical people just waiting to take advantage of their bad situation.  If your strategy includes capturing an audience that has no other connection to you other than they are in your target market, your focus needs to be establishing yourself as trustworthy online.  Even if your strategy includes procuring leads from your trusted network, people will be looking for you online to make sure that they can see that you are who their friends or family say you are. This is your prime opportunity to capture them as a business opportunity.

Is your online presence prepared to do this?


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