It is very true that social media is one of the best free platforms available for marketing, but time is money. And learning which social media platforms your target audiences are going to be using to look for services such as yours is, in itself, an expertise and an expense of your time to gain that expertise.

Additionally, content is the number one driving force of social media campaigns. You need original, compelling, and keyword rich content in order to take best advantage of social media and drive traffic to your website. Once traffic is directed to your website and your online profiles, they better find what they were searching for, or you will find a lot of people quickly leaving your website to seek out your competition.

Two major pillars of social media marketing:

  • Finding your target audience online
  • Enabling them to find you, too


10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Evaluating Social Media Services:

  1. Do you know what your target audience needs?
  2. Is it what you are offering?
  3. If so, how will they know that you are the best choice for them?
  4. Why might they NOT choose you?
  5. How much is your time worth?
  6. How many hours do you spend trying to figure out where to reach your target audience?
  7. How much time do you spend attending webinars and conferences to learn how to best reach the people who need what you’re offering?
  8. What are the best social media platforms to reach your audience?
  9. Do new social media tools emerge faster than you can learn them?
  10. Is that your primary job or are you also in charge of operations, finances, management, business development, customer satisfaction, product or service delivery, etc.?

Let’s break down for you how our services support your efforts:



  • Content (strategizing and crafting)
  • SEO – back linking, keywords, ads
  • Social Media Outreach (disseminating content)
  • Public Relations – immersed in the community, media



  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Delivery


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