4wayOne-page Networking Infographic Profile: $850

Branding Consultation: $200  (Required, unless you are a résumé or LinkedIn customer, in which case this is included with those services)

  • Background information on industries, companies, roles, and skills will be gathered, if it has not been through other services provided.
  • Infographics are emerging as a perfect way to visually demonstrate how you apply your knowledge, skills, talents and experience to produce results for your employer(s).
  • Using an infographic to promote your professional value brands you as a progressive professional on the bleeding edge of social marketing – something your future employer may be craving.
  • They can be considered training documents for your network – easy to read, understand and remember visual cues to inform and inspire them to make powerful introductions for you.
  • Epic Careering will engage our premier graphic design partner to compose a combination of modern workflow-related graphic designs and hyper-effective, concise content to describe your impact.

Sample #1 – IT Executive


How this is used: 

  • Employed professionals, especially sales professionals, and job seekers can use this document to promote their value and define great leads, making it easier to generate qualified referrals for opportunities.
  • Networking events and opportunities may not be the venue to pass on your résumé, so many networking groups are now encouraging their attendees to bring and exchange one-page profiles. (These are 8.5 x 11 for easy color printing.)
  • This one-page visual masterpiece will provide your network contacts with all of the information that they need to develop employment leads on your behalf.
  • This is often a more appropriate introduction to employers who may not have positions actively posted to entice them to request your résumé and follow up.
  • Post it on your social networking profiles (particularly LinkedIn and Pinterest) so that your contacts can easily share it with their contacts and generate leads for you.
  • Put this on your homepage, about me page, or send it along with any biographies that may be requested.

Potential components:

  • A unique value proposition will be developed to distinguish you from other job seekers in your field.
  • We will outline samples of the kinds of problems you can solve for companies and indicators that your network can look for that a company may have those problems.
  • Your qualifications, certifications, awards, books, etc. can be included.
  • Target companies will also be included for those NOT conducting confidential searches, and either you can provide these or we can develop a list through the Research/Debriefing service.
  • Hyperlinks to social media profiles (only active for digital copies) can be included.

Sample #2 – IT Developer



Our One-page Networking Infographic Profile is $650

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Our Branding Consultation is $200  (This IS Required, unless you are a résumé or LinkedIn customer, in which case this is included with those services)

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