Tales From the Flipside

Welcome our podcast series, Tales from The Flip Side.

Our guests chronicle for you their real life job transitions and successful landings so that you can be inspired and learn from their experience how you, too, can land a job that allows you to UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE.


These episodes, under 20 minutes each, are NOT available on iTunes. We are only making it available to you, our esteemed and loyal subscribers. So if you want to share it with someone who could benefit from a transition success story, direct them to https://epiccareering.com/podcasts where they can sign up for our mailing list and gain access.


Episode 3:

Jack Gets The Best Of Three Worlds

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How a stay-at-home dad of 2 young girls landed not one, but two ideal, and yet unlikely positions
  • What the missing ingredient was to his 2-year long search for work
  • What was Jack averse to trying, but actually led to an interview in 1 day
  • What was the key to his activity that made the most difference
  • Why Jack thinks I’m a tool
  • How he went from “I wouldn’t hire me” to “why not me”


Episode 2:

Matt Carves His Own Niche

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Matt managed his transition activity while he was still working
  • How Matt boosted his confidence level after he was ultimately was laid off
  • Why digging back in Matt’s past was so valuable to unveiling his brilliance in interviews
  • What Matt’s secret weapon was, which was also the resource that led him to be recruited
  • How Matt ALMOST never found out that people had been recommending him for jobs
  • The factors that led the ZeOmega leadership team to create a new position just for him


Episode 1:

James Goes Corporate Executive

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How James went from “thrashing” in his job transition to thriving
  • How and when did his expectation change from having to settle to having a world of opportunity open to him
  • What was the game changing moment when the momentum shifted in his favor
  • What does James believe was the #1 key to his transition success
  • What did landing in the right job do for James’ life and career trajectory



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