Epic Campaign Management Tools


4wayTrackMeasureImprove-LANDWe have made a commitment to being coaches who are continually coached, and in doing so have learned and implemented productivity and success best practices from multiple disciplines. Our brand of career services is focused on tested, proven techniques and tools that move you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Our products set you up for career success, from tools to help you allocate your time on the right resources, to systems that help you convert conversations to job leads, to documents that train your network to develop leads on your behalf and brand you as a progressive, savvy candidate in tune with trends of tomorrow.

The Epic Careering Toolkit, $147, includes:

❉  The Time & Resource Tracker

❉  The Criteria Identifier and Target Company Evaluator

❉  The Conversation Converter

❉  The Nightly Success Set-up Checklist 

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