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Our approach is based on branding. Our mission is to UNVEIL your BRILLIANCE!


Each person is dynamic; even if your work is meaningful, it is not the only facet of your life that shapes your identify and brings you fulfillment. A strong brand will do more than qualify you for you’re your next job. It will powerfully communicate who you are in the world, what your mission and contribution can be and position you for your ideal career path.


A brand will inspire your target audience to pursue a genuine connection with you. The greatest synergy comes from genuine connectivity – it is the primary purpose of your brand.


It isn’t just meeting the requirement that gets you the job. It’s the specific value that you offer—it is the picture you paint of what you can add to that person’s work and life experience. People gravitate to those who enrich them. Managers are taught, when they are taught, to hire people who are smarter than them. Why is this?


What other people need from YOU to succeed, more so than intelligence, are your complimentary talents.


To receive a free résumé and campaign evaluation:

Provide us with your name and e-mail address below so that we may send you our needs assessment, or download it here: Needs Assessment. Complete the form to the best of your ability and send it AND your most recent résumé to

Within 2 business days of receipt of these documents, you will be sent a customized proposal that doubles as a roadmap to an EPIC career and a Google calender opt-in where you can schedule your appointment for a free résumé and campaign evaluation. When you schedule your  appointment, you will be sent a confirmation of your appointment.

To summarize, just complete out a 1-page needs assessment form and get:

  • A customized proposal that will serve as a roadmap to an EPIC career
  • A free résumé and campaign evaluation



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