Low-budget Résumé Options


For many years, our founder, Karen Huller, refused to compromise on quality. She insisted that every résumé be professionally branded, and she kept the costs down as low as she could for as long as she could. As she earned er professional certification (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) and acquired tremendous intelligence by spending 90 minutes with each client, demand for her service increase, she had to make a decision.  Having had a tough transition of her own in 2002, she wanted to remain committed to helping all job seekers, regardless of challenges or budgets.

To provide free value to job seekers, she created a vlog and blog to offer advice to her international audience, and she started speaking again for local professional organizations.

However, résumé writing and job searching is complex, and always evolving. Most job seekers need more help, even on the basics.

In 2014, she privately offered clients low-budget résumé options, wary that Epic Careering might be associated with a lower quality. To her pleasant surprise, the finished documents, while not branded, generated improved results and responses. In many cases, the renewed confidence led to better interview performance and job offers.

If you are attempting to position yourself for more fulfillment, greater quality of life, and better pay, we recommend that you invest in our branded résumé services. However, if your situation does not allow you to make that investment, the low-budget options below in green are now offered.








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