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Since beginning her recruiting career, Karen Huller has been an early adopter and trainer of technologies that enhance the recruiting process, job search process and brand proliferation. In 2000 she introduced Internet search strategy to an executive search firm. In 2003, Karen was an early adopter of LinkedIn and trained fellow recruiters. When she transitioned to career coaching in 2006, she became one of the first LinkedIn trainers, giving presentations to large groups of job seekers, recruiters and human resources professionals (including accredited courses.) Soon after, she began training other LinkedIn trainers. As other social media emerged with applications to recruiting and job seeking, Karen has continued to master their functions and promote their benefits to these communities of users.

Karen continued to stay on the cusp of technological trends, and has been studying the mobile recruiting and mobile job searching markets, as well as behavior-change gamification since 2010. In 2012 Karen also founded JoMo Rising, LLC, a workflow gamification company. Its pilot product, Accelerfate, a job seeking mobile application with a recruiting interface, is currently being developed.

As an industry innovator and intuitive coach, Karen continues to pioneer, test and launch new products and services that will revolutionize careering and hiring in a quest to close the gap between talent and the companies that need it. Meanwhile, she also puts her writing and broadcasting experience to work, developing blogs and vlogs that have garnered viewership of over 30,000.

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A note from our founder, Karen Huller:

My clients like working with me because I can identify with, capture, and present their brilliance. I help them solve real problems. For example, if the hiring manager of X, your #1 target, is traveling so extensively and is so consumed by solving Y problem, which you can so powerfully help him solve, how do you get him to take pause and hear you out?

As a career campaign partner, I quickly understand and appreciate my clients’ brilliance.  I seek it out in every one I meet.  It is more enjoyable to identify and reveal someone’s greatness, rather than pointing out their weakness.  When I was recruiting, I felt like I often had to dig to discover both the value and the risk candidates presented. I could often more easily identify the risks than a candidate’s value. Herein lies the challenge of every professional – the bad is easier to see than the good.  My intuition and industry knowledge enables me to help job seekers understand how they are perceived by employers, but it is no longer my default. What I do for my clients is make their brilliance very obvious to employers of choice. If there is any potential or perceived risk, I help them present themselves as well-worth the risk. That is how you land your ideal job.

What I love about what I do is that I get to learn what makes corporate climbers genuinely great. Often I even get to help people discover or rediscover their own greatness.

Everyone has greatness within them; but not everyone is able to see it or express it and not everyone is willing to show it in its full brilliance. This is exactly what is necessary to shine and thrive in your career. That is why I say that we UNVEIL YOUR BRILLIANCE!



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  1. Karen-
    BAck in April you contacted me about an opportunity at a Fortune 50 company. Is that still available or do you have other opportunities?

  2. Dear Ms. Karen,

    In one of your other blogs you mentioned the following to another professional.

    Being fully accountable is a great start! Let me know if you would like any further support in revamping your brand and reviving your career.

    How do I contact you?

    Please advise.

    Thank you

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