LinkedIn Profiles That Inspire Opportunities



A LinkedIn Profile is meant to inspire confidence, encourage people to connect with you and introduce you, and promote you as an expert who solves problems and makes things happen.

It’s NOT meant to be a carbon copy of your résumé.

At it’s best, it sounds like YOU talking about what you do, who you are, the kind of success you are driven to achieve, and the contributions you feel passionate about making.

It give people an idea of the person BEHIND the résumé or website, and tells more of the backstory to build upon your compelling personal brand and story.

Most of our job seeking clients engage us for the résumé first, and so they already have their branding consultation, however, we do offer stand-alone LinkedIn profile writing services that include a branding consultation.

We are LinkedIn profile-writing SUPERSTARS!!

In fact, we have written some profiles you probably have seen, including OTHER LinkedIn experts!  That’s right – LinkedIn experts have come to US to write their profiles.

That’s because we GET YOU, and we GET LinkedIn.

Karen Huller has been on LinkedIn since its first few months of existence, and started training recruiters how to use it shortly thereafter. She was one of the 1st LinkedIn trainers focused on both recruiters and job seekers.

Though she doesn’t facilitate workshops of her own anymore, Epic Careering does offer 1-on-1 LinkedIn training and profile-writing services.  Fees vary based on the length of employment history and usage (business or professional.)

Inquire to to receive the appropriate needs assessment form that will help us understand how best to optimize your LinkedIn presence and activity to achieve your goals.