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  1. Hi Karen,

    I finally got around to checking out your website. Looks interesting! Basically, i’m a few short months away from graduating with my Bachelors in Business management and Administration and i’m looking for some way for that to translate into gainful and meaningful employment. Ideally, i would like to work with a non-profit company (or start one) but am open to anything at this point. So, what can your company do for little ‘ole me? Thanks for your time, hope to see you around at more jams.



    P.S., your kids are adorable!

    • Hi, Ross.

      Thanks for checking out my site. It seems as though you are in Step 1 of your career campaign, Career Discovery. (see the full list of steps here: Pinterest – 7 Steps of the Transition Process”

      How we can help you at this point is to work with you to define your next big step. Sometimes you know already what the right next step is, and all you need is validation. Otherwise, we have services that can help you define the criteria by which you can make your best decision. I’d be happy to discuss those with you further. Give me a call. I believe you have my number.

      Unveil your brilliance,


      P.S. You should see my kids sing 🙂

  2. Karen,

    I truly enjoyed your presentation this morning at CareerLink on Best Practices for Job Search. I walked away with a lot of information that I didn’t have and I plan to put it into action.

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