Independent Contractors


As an independent contractor, your job security comes from the ability to keep a pipeline full of quality jobs. This means being able to time your efforts perfectly and being able to manage current projects while you build the pipeline for future projects.


Being able to utilize online and social media tools that maximize time management is critical to success as an independent contractor.


“You have to be in demand before you can be demanding.”


Being sought out is a major benefit for anyone in this position.  And you have to be in demand before you can be demanding.  Our goal with independent contracting clients is to establish an online presence that calls to companies that have desirable project in technologies and initiatives that are most appealing to you. It can be very easy to coast from project to project in quest of income without deliberate intention of career direction. By nature, the independent contractor enjoys the diverse array of job duties and knowing that they won’t be doing the same exact thing from day to day.  Though it is essential to position your expertise as a competitive advantage that any company should want to engage, you can only increase their market value over time by ensuring that you gain new skills and expertise as you progress from project to project. Compensation negotiations occur more like vendor or employee negotiations.  We understand the intricacies involved in arriving at an amenable package for based on your market value and desired quality of life. You are assuming most of the risk in the situation, and more of the costs associated with employment then the company. Your Compensation should be a reflection of that.


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