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Most job seekers recognize that they need a résumé to apply for a job. Few, however, realize just how powerful a professionally branded résumé is in soliciting interest from employers.

Ask any hiring manager, and they will tell you that 80-90% of the résumés that they see are “CRAP.” (They’re words; not ours.)


Take advantage of a free Epic Career Consultation, by downloading and completing a Needs Assessment, and sending it to with your most recent résumé.

Watch these videos (and subscribe 🙂 to understand why that is and what can done about it.

Scrap your résumé if it has these 10 things (Part 1)

Scrap your résumé if it has these 10 things (Part 2)

If after viewing these videos, you know exactly what to do, go at it. We are glad we were able to help. If, however, you feel that the challenge of unveiling your brilliance is in defining your brand objectively based on your target audience’s needs, we are here and happy to help.

We would like to warn you:

Having a Charésumé (ka rez oo may: a résumé that unveils your brilliance) is just one piece of the puzzle and does you little good if you spend your time submitting it coldly through online portals. You may recognize this, but have had trouble implementing new habits and using new resources with the challenges that exist in your life.

We get that….and…we can help.


Please refer to the 7 steps of the transition process, because how we can help you is highly dependent on what step you are in:



Next, what are your challenges?

If you are considered among the “long-term unemployed,” (6 months or longer), they may be among this list:

Job Help for the Discouraged Job Seeker


Some other common challenges (which you may refer to as obstacles, but we know better):

  • Age
  • Long-term underemployment
  • Lack of a degree
  • Lack of industry experience
  • Perception issues
  • Past performance issues
  • Need for confidentiality
  • Lack of time to search
  • Lack of focus
  • Inadequate funds
  • Inadequate transportation
  • Psychological impediments
  • Physical impediments
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of failure

Whatever is stopping you from landing a job that fulfills you AND makes the life you want possible, we and/or our partners are able to help!

Check out our products and services (to be updated soon.) If nothing looks like your solution, let us customize one for your particular situation.


Take advantage of a free Epic Career Consultation, by downloading and completing a Needs Assessment, and sending to with your most recent résumé.



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