DIY Résumé Summary Builder


Your summary is your opportunity to distinguish yourself. So why do most people fill it up with clichés that make them sound like everyone else?


They know what qualities employers want and that they’ll those qualities if they want an interview.

So how then do you prove that you have those qualities without using common clichés?

Ah. This is where the unique skill set of a resume writer becomes critical.

I used to think that you had to be a professional résumé writer to write a strong, branded summary, until I wrote my hundredth one and realize that, even though each of my clients was very distinct, there was a very standard process that I used to identify the pillars of the client’s brand and there were some very basic ingredients that went into each and every summary I wrote.

It can be challenging to be objective about your uniqueness, how you are perceived, and how you hope employers perceive you, if you can answer some probing questions about yourself, then you have the ability to write a strong, branded summary paragraph and we have developed exactly the right tool for it.

Requirements: Microsoft Word 2010 or newer

DIY Résumé Branding and Summary Building tool: $47 

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