DIY Résumé Builder


Perhaps you used a résumé builder, but realized that your résumé doesn’t distinguish you as a uniquely qualified candidate. While it may look nice, it doesn’t reflect your true value, and isn’t positioning you for the really competitive jobs.

Remember MadLibs?

Our résumé branding and summary building tool is pre-populated with drop down menus for every single component of your summary and branding bullets. It’s like a MadLibs on steroids. If you struggle with writing your résumé, but usually like word games, this will turn writing your résumé into a fun activity AND it will produce content that will earn you interviews.

Rather than spitting out generic bullets that still fall short of capturing your true value, this tool will enable you to copy and paste powerful, customized content into your résumé. Or send your results to us and for $50, we will edit and format the content in a professionally packaged document that will stand out among the rest.

Use the same formulas to craft your experience bullets.

Other résumé builders pull generic bullets from a database that relate to your positions. They do the minimum job of making sure that the functions you performed are listed. However, when you are one of several, perhaps tens to hundreds of other equally qualified candidates, these do nothing to increase your competitive advantage. They don’t communicate what an employer really wants to know, which is how well did you do your job, what were your results, and why did you get it done better than anyone else who could have been the same job?

Requirements: Microsoft Word 2010 or newer

DIY Résumé Building Building tool: $97 

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The Epic touch for Epic results: $50

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