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  • Reconnecting to Your Authentic Self – Answer the Call to Conscious Leadership

    Watch the replay. We had a valuable discussion on Improving Access to Resources and Opportunity.

  • Find It Hard to Break Bad Habits or Form Good Ones? Check Your Self-Talk!

    The inner critic… do we all have one? No, but the vast majority of us do. The real question is, what is it saying? Are you consciously aware of it? What decisions does it make for you? My first professional coach called the inner critic a gremlin. She was a great help in helping me […]

  • When Is Self-Care Over-Indulgent?

      I promote self-care a lot because I know that science supports it.  Stress in the workplace contributes to major chronic illnesses responsible for most early health-related deaths. It’s also a high cause of absenteeism. Self-care CAN be a way to manage stress. However, since I teach generation Z and Millennials and work with Generation […]

  • Can You Get To 10 Out of 10?

      I love rating scales because it can instantly bring awareness of gaps as well as increases in confidence, performance, and satisfaction. My clients sign off that their branded content, whether a résumé, LinkedIn profile, biography or cover letter is a 10 out of 10 before it becomes final. When I first start speaking with […]

  • Can Your Opinion Get You Fired or Keep You from Getting Hired?

    If social media is a powder keg, traditional media is the gun powder. Bubbling to the top of daily trending news are new allegations of sexual harassment. A Wall Street Journal headline this weekend showed that concerned corporate leaders are initiating much deeper investigations into employee claims and are finding much more than credible complaints […]

  • We Are All Messengers; What Kind of Messenger Are You?

    Part 8 in the MindValley Reunion=Mind Blown series, which continues next week While Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley, challenged us to think and act in ways that are humanity+ versus humanity-, including choosing to start, run and/or work only for humanity+ corporations, our Sunday at the MindValley Reunion held in San Diego in August started […]