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  • Why It’s Hard To Make Critical (Or Any) Decisions Right Now

    The process of grief can be different for everyone. Here are ways you can help others and recognize your own stages of grief.

  • Networking 301 for the Network-Disabled: Creating Magic in the Moment

    Allow me to recap some important lessons from Networking 101 and Networking 201 on networking for the network-disabled: #1. Networking, at its best, is not a means to an end; it’s a life-enriching exercise that allows you to find and build relationships with people you like, care to know better, want to see more often, […]

  • Can You Get To 10 Out of 10?

      I love rating scales because it can instantly bring awareness of gaps as well as increases in confidence, performance, and satisfaction. My clients sign off that their branded content, whether a résumé, LinkedIn profile, biography or cover letter is a 10 out of 10 before it becomes final. When I first start speaking with […]

  • How to Manage a Job Search on Top of it All

      Before I start, let me be completely transparent- I do NOT have it all together. I feel overwhelmed and behind sometimes (many times.) And, I know I’m not alone – by far! Also, let me give you kudos for taking on change. While I am sure there will be a great payoff for your […]

  • Has Overwhelm Sabotaged Your Momentum?

    Yes, I want it all. Don’t we all? Don’t you want to be able to afford the finer things in life – to visit exotic places, and live in a beautiful home, and to give your kids the best education and experiences? You, like me, also want time to enjoy them. You want to know […]

  • Why Hypnosis? Answer: Disruption – For Real

    Eight years ago I watched a video during my pregnancy called The Business Of Being Born. Learning about the cascade of interventions and how they can lead to further complications was frightening. I vowed to give birth under as many natural conditions as possible, avoiding all potential UNNECESSARY medical interventions, including, but not limited to […]

  • Is Personal Development Selfish?

    Part 2 in the MindValley Reunion=Mind Blown series, which continues next week In the first couple hours of the MindValley reunion, thought provoking questions were invoking a deep sense of curiosity. The host, Mia Koning, a beautiful Kiwi soul, shared a couple of observations: #1 – On the East Coast of the US, where we […]