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  • Highlights of My 15 Years in Business

    On the 15th anniversary of Charésumé, LLC, I am looking back to the amazing highlights and connections I’ve made so far, and I’m also looking forward to even more conscious co-creation!

  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    The truth shall set you free. That’s what they say. Is it true?

  • How You Respond to a Slump Determines How Quickly You Recover

    When you’re in a slump, it’s important to keep your confidence and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • When Keeping It Real at Work Goes Wrong

    A conscious leader possesses the self-awareness to distinguish truth from story. Here’s how to grow as a conscious leader by developing self-awareness and using effective communication strategies.

  • Why NOW Is The Time To Raise Corporate Consciousness

    You can impact our future by holding yourself and others accountable to leading with consciousness. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of conscious leaders, how to hold yourself accountable and how to speak up when you come across low-conscious leaders.

  • Cheers to More Connection, Growth, and Sharing in 2020

    As we enter a new decade, I’m committed to sharing more valuable content in order to better serve my mission to help people’s professional growth. Plus, I’m putting in work behind-the-scenes to make sure my clients get the best of me. What is your vision for 2020?

  • Are You Getting the Optimal ROI on Your Wellness Plan? Checklist For You (Part 1)

    This is part 1 of a 2-part article on Wellness Program ROI. Read Part 2. 85% of companies with 1000+ employees have wellness programs, mostly driven by an effort to contain healthcare costs and costs associated with lost productivity, absenteeism, and disengagement. However, a noted shortcoming, even of the most successful wellness programs, is adoption and […]

  • Can You Get To 10 Out of 10?

      I love rating scales because it can instantly bring awareness of gaps as well as increases in confidence, performance, and satisfaction. My clients sign off that their branded content, whether a résumé, LinkedIn profile, biography or cover letter is a 10 out of 10 before it becomes final. When I first start speaking with […]

  • Every Mistake is an Opportunity to Grow

      Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Young Entrepreneurs Academy CEO Roundtable (YEA!), where aspiring entrepreneurs were able to ask a CEO Panel some interesting questions. The insights of the CEOs was impressive – they were vulnerable and authentic, which inspired the kids of YEA, who came up with stellar questions! Here […]