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  • America’s Birthday: How many are left? That’s up to us

    Watch the replay. We had a valuable discussion on Improving Access to Resources and Opportunity.

  • I Am A Feminist

    I’ve never identified as a feminist. Perhaps that is because I was taught by the men in my life that it was a dirty word. I might have even learned that being a feminist would damage my reputation and opportunity, assuming the doors to those opportunities had to be opened by a man, which is […]

  • New Questions for Workplaces in 2020

    Soon, we’ll be entering into a new decade along with welcoming a new generation into the workforce. This begs the question: What are your hopes for the workplace in 2020?

  • Prepare Your Phone Screen Playbook to Get to the Next Level

    Phone screenigs are too important to take lightly. Use these tips to help you prepare for your phone screening and position yourself as the best candidate from the very beginning.

  • When Someone Slanders You At Work

    I was bullied and picked on as a kid, and there were things I wish I had understood then that might have led me to spend fewer days broken and miserable by it, though I also see that was part of my journey now. #1 – “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your […]

  • 7 Qualities to Weave Into Your Brand to Overcome Ageism

      I have covered ageism before, as it directly relevant and impactful to the demographic of talent I most often work with as clients – baby boomers. Sometimes perspective clients, even after walking them through the outcomes that they can expect by working with me, doubt that those results are possible for them because of their […]

  • Evaluating Your Workforce for Potential Troublemakers

    Reverse Engineering Internal Sabotage for Prevention [Part 3 of 3; Click for Part 1 and Part 2] Remember Milton from Office Space? That poor guy. All he wanted was his red stapler to stop getting taken. AND, they kept moving him to the basement, AND, he stopped receiving his paycheck. I hate to spoil this […]

  • Think What Happened To Elon Musk Won’t Happen to You? Think Again!

    Reverse Engineering Internal Sabotage for Prevention [Part 1 of 3] The Tesla sabotage incident Elon Musk made the world aware of last week raises a few great questions. How does somebody who would be inclined and capable of sabotaging your company get into your company, and how can you prevent that? How can you choose the […]

  • 10 Easy Ways to Infuse Optimism Into Your Culture and Life

      Part 2 of 2: Last week – Looking On The Bright Side: The Real Secret To Success Generally, organizations and people find change arduous and overwhelming. So, I hope it’s encouraging to learn that there are many very small things you can do to increase optimism, as well as practices that you can encourage […]

  • Looking On The Bright Side: The Real Secret To Success

    Don’t Forget About The Silver Lining by JC Winkler on Flickr [Part 1 of 2 – Next week: How to Infuse Optimism Into Your Culture and Your Life] Optimism is a highly underestimated quality in workforce culture. Optimism drives our global and national economy. It also drives our personal economy. Optimism increases the likelihood of […]