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  • A Thanksgiving Poem From My Heart to Yours

    The world slowed down Probably for too long. But while we were still, Back down to basics, We found presence Amidst the panic. Moments compelled reflection Inspired astonishment In it while observing it So deeply in my feelings While also somehow Outside my body. The leaves slowly grew in At times fought hard to stay […]

  • A Bold Calling – A Life of Service

    In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s shine a spotlight on those living a life of service. May they inspire us to perform simple acts of kindness.

  • If I Die Today, If I Live Another 40 Years

    Recently, I’ve been thinking about how precious life is and how it is not to be taken for granted.

  • Are You Getting the Optimal ROI on Your Wellness Plan? Checklist For You (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of a 2-part article on Wellness Program ROI. Read Part 1.  Segmenting Health Factors Many wellness programs segment health into only physical health, which defies modern science. The mind-body connection has been proven since 1985. Also, since the turn of the millennium neuroscientists have identified multiple parts of the brain that […]

  • When Is Self-Care Over-Indulgent?

      I promote self-care a lot because I know that science supports it.  Stress in the workplace contributes to major chronic illnesses responsible for most early health-related deaths. It’s also a high cause of absenteeism. Self-care CAN be a way to manage stress. However, since I teach generation Z and Millennials and work with Generation […]

  • How to Manage a Job Search on Top of it All

      Before I start, let me be completely transparent- I do NOT have it all together. I feel overwhelmed and behind sometimes (many times.) And, I know I’m not alone – by far! Also, let me give you kudos for taking on change. While I am sure there will be a great payoff for your […]

  • A Thanksgiving Poem

    I’ve never been more thankful for breath. Such a simple thing. So easy to take for granted, but when it’s taken And you don’t know which will be your last It’s simply glorious just to be able to breathe.   And laugh… and sing.   It’s been a year full of magic and miracles Of […]

  • “Can You Teach an Adult Compassion?”

      This was a question posed by a friend on mine on Facebook. Some were under the impression that you can’t. My answer: “You can develop emotional intelligence through mindfulness techniques, but that would have to be voluntary. ‘I tried to find a video I saw (I thought it was Samantha Bee) where they brought global […]

  • Self-driving life???

    Part 5 in the MindValley Reunion=Mind Blown series, which continues next week Remember when a hand-sized computer was a thing of science fiction? Technology is evolving exponentially, and while we have glimpses right now of technologies that could radically alter our lives, our work, and our communities, such as self-driving cars, we have just as […]