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4way Some people who are looking for a career coach are trying to decide what the next logical step in their transition should be. This state of limbo can be very scary. Without external, objective perspective AND job market expertise, you might float along indefinitely. Or worse, you could use trial and error to try to find the right fit, and when it's not the right fit, jump ship and become a risky prospect for any new employer while your confidence and ego take continuous hits. If you are unsure about your professional future, we offer two services to optimize and accelerate this process. Focus Consultation: $500 [wp_cart_button name="Focus Consultation" price="500.00"] [show_wp_shopping_cart]   Many people believe that they will obtain a job faster by keeping their options wide open and/or lowering their standards. In fact, this prolongs your search. A company implementing a marketing campaign needs to understand its target audience just a job seeker needs to understand his or her target audience. Plus, good companies want to offer motivated candidates the chance to be challenged and grow.

  • In a 1-2 hour interview, you will be asked a general and personalized series of questions to draw out data that will become your criteria.
  • Along with an inventory of your talents, values and passions, we will use your criteria to explore potential titles, roles, and compatible cultures.
  • We will deeply examine the hypothetical of choosing one path over another.
  • Both parties keep a list of your values to compare benefits/pitfalls of various roles.
  • This document, also called a parent document, will include names and contact information for Subject Matter Experts with whom you can continue your path toward a definitive target for your transition.
  • Continued consultation is provided at an hourly rate as needed until you have discovered a position worthy of your dedication.
Research/Debriefing: $800 [wp_cart_button name="Research/Debriefing" price="800.00"] [show_wp_shopping_cart]   When you have one or a few big pieces of the puzzle already identified, for instance if you like your role, but want to get out of your industry and you're not sure what you should target, this service is most appropriate.
  • This service will cut down the amount of hours needed in total and maximize the hours that you invest by allowing you to take action rather than do research.
  • A customized questionnaire is sent and evaluated thoroughly upon your completion, with as many reviews as necessary to arrive at a clear set of 20-50 criteria.
  • Epic Careering sources an employer that matches 80% of your criteria. We provide a 3-5 page company report that includes a list of the matching identifiable criteria, as well as a list of criteria not identified so that you know what to ask this prospective employer to qualify them further as a suitable fit.
  • A 2-5-page company report is provided as well as an analysis of how well the company fits with your criteria. (We recommend that you assertively pursue companies that match 80% or more of your criteria.)
  • You are briefed on how we identified this company, as well as how we identified other companies that did not match your criteria and why they were eliminated as prospects.
  • For packages that include multiple company reports, we spend 15-20 minutes debriefing after each conversation/interview so that Epic Careering can track the pulse of your transition and be effective and efficient with our time investment on your behalf.
  • It also allows you to be proactive, rather than reactive, exponentially increasing your competitive edge.

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