Can you provide some input into our new look?

I have been getting a LOT of great feedback on the new brand. It is very validating to have other people excited about this new presence for my business. There is still a lot to refine as far as our content and our social media presence, so stay tuned. Keep the feedback coming! I’m perfectly willing to hear your constructive feedback as well. In fact, I would like your opinion on some options for our logo. What do you think? Please share your comments. If you don’t like any of the following below, please share with us why and what can be improved. Thank you!

1.  cropped-EC-Logo-drop-copy1.gif2. epiccareeringFO







3 responses to “Can you provide some input into our new look?”

  1. Indeed. The idea behind the design is to make it usable in many forms, from letterhead to Banners. Clean lines, halftones limited to the drop shadow to get EPIC to pop.

    Incorporating the “e” and “c” into the flame licks on the sun is a stretch, but it is unique. If there is one place I might revise the look is with the flame licks.

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