4way Personal branding and social media are critical tools for any front-line employees, from customer service up through the CEO. Why? Because PEOPLE make buying decisions, and they choose to buy from other PEOPLE. Furthermore, people buy from people they like. The challenge: Portray yourself as someone likable to your prospects. That being said, a company's brand can be an entity all by itself, though at its best it is an extension of its people. We call this Holistic Branding. Through our Branding and Social Selling suites, we will evaluate your brand-readiness and provide a suite of services that is reverse-engineered to help you achieve your corporate goals. We will evaluate your corporate brand as well as the brand of your front-line people, who represent your corporate brand every day, inside and outside of the office. We ensure alignment and consistency in how your employees embody your brand through our Epic Brand Embodiment training. Employees will learn how to enjoy being individuals who add dimension and personality to your corporate culture, while they still adopt the values inherent to the brand that matter most to your customers.  

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