4wayOur Deep Impact Strategy service is now becoming an app!

We developed an 8-week time/resource tracking tool complete with contact management, including a contact agenda guide, criteria development and target company evaluation tool. It was HIGHLY effective at helping our clients generate multiple viable opportunities within WEEKS, but the manual system is complex and took several weeks to learn how to use the tools as intended. In 2012, Epic Careering founder, Karen Huller, founded a workflow gamification company, JoMo Rising, LLC, to turn this process into a mobile game, Accelerfate. Acclerfateb In May JoMo Rising raised money through Kiva Zip to build the front-end, and will be finished by August 2015. You will be able to sample the game, though more money ($60K) will be needed to build the back-end. We anticipate the 2016 release of this disruptive technology that will revolutionize careering. In the meantime, we continue to make the Deep Impact Strategy tools available to help you land sooner in a job that fulfills you AND pays you what you're worth. You can also Like and follow the daily job search tips posted on the Facebook page.    

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