Answer the Call to Conscious Leadership Year In Review

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Event Replays

June 2021: Using Active Voice vs. Passive Voice

Guest Panelists: Lindsey Ackerman, Geotechnical Project Manager, and Jay Hurt, Persuasive Communications Expert and Sales Leader and COO at The Academy of Creative Coaching

May 2021: Energy Leadership

Co-hosted by Phillip Williams. Guest Panelist: Kimberlie Gridley, multi-certified coach, consultant, and environmental advocate

April 2021: Improving Access to Resources & Opportunity

Guest Panelists: Dominique “D” Ross, Personal and Professional Development champion, and Sharon Clinton, Deputy Executive Director and change-maker for the City of Philadelphia

March 2021: Leading With Vulnerability

Guest Panelists: Nicholas Dillon, Speaker and Bestselling Author, and Vince Blando, Senior Human Resources Leader

February 2021: Authentic Leadership

Guest Panelists: Carl Shawn Watkins, CEO of Carl Shawn's Daily Word, Faith-Based Life Coach, Poet, Inspirational Speaker, and Paralegal, and Dominique “D” Ross, Personal and Professional Development champion


January 2021: Empowered Goals

Guest Panelists: Kenston Henderson, Global Speaker & Professional Development Trainer, and Jennifer Wildgust, Managing Director

December 2020: Leading Through Change

Guest Panelist: Tiffany Frasier, President-Elect for ACMP (Atlanta Change Management Professionals)

November 2020: Assessments

Guest Panelist: Al Sullivan, Organization Development (OD) consultant and Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

October 2020: Conversational Intelligence

Guest Panelists: Gabriela Herrero, C-IQ Certified Conversational Alchemist, and Phil Williams, HR Business Partner and Coach

September 2020: Organizational Leadership

Guest Panelist: Geralyn Smith, HR and Leadership Development Consultant

August 2020: Curtailing COVID Turnover

Guest Panelists: Kelly Robinson, CEO of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Consulting firm Panna Knows, and TaJuanna Taylor, Corporate Compliance Project Consultant


August 2020: Psychological Safety

Guest Panelist: Rebecca Morgan, Psychological Safety Expert, Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, and Management Consultant

July 2020: Authentic Connection

Guest Panelists: Julia Armet, ACC, ELI-MP, Performance Coach for Mission-Driven Individuals, and Amy Bradbury, Innovation Readiness Expert

June 2020: Conscious Leadership Tools

Guest Panelists: Curtis Smith, Intelligent Leadership™ Master Certified Executive Coach, and Christopher Waters, Social Impact consultant, professor, and fellow

June 2020: Introduction to Answer the Call to Conscious Leadership Events

Guest Panelists: David Guerreso, Leadership and Purpose Coach and former IT leader, and Kristin Corson, human resources veteran, former trauma counselor, and current talent acquisition specialist