A Recap of The Courageous Leadership 5-Day Challenge

We wrap up the Courageous Leader 5-Day Challenge for Conscious Leaders tomorrow.

I want to take a minute to recognize the participants because they are demonstrating amazing courage through this challenge and I’m extremely proud of the work they are doing!

Here is some feedback already:


Here is a summary of the insights, highlights, and breakthroughs:

Day 1: How to Be the Courageous Leader today and tomorrow demands without risking your career

  • What leaders need to embody and exude to excel under any conditions
  • Where does courage come from?
  • What influences the level of fear and resistance to change
  • How you make what is subconscious conscious and many of the benefits of doing so

Day 2: Identify leadership gaps without losing focus on applying and promoting strengths

  • How conventional leadership conflicts with our natural instincts and what science has now proven is a more holistic approach with better performance outcomes
  • How to leverage the mind-body/mind-heart connection to expand your self-awareness and be more receptive to feedback without taking it personally
  • Devising the best strategy to addressing weaknesses and what is possible by doing so

Day 3: How to confront your leadership gaps without defensiveness or shame

  • Confidence vs. self-love – which is better for leaders to embody and exude?
  • One technique to leverage the mind-body connection to expand your self-awareness and be more receptive to feedback without taking it personally
  • How to translate what makes you unique into inspiring stories that expand your influence and earn the confidence of your teams

Day 4: How to inspire others so you influence without intimidating

  • What happens when intimidation is used to influence, why it’s used, and how to shift to inspiration
  • How to demonstrate the vulnerability, accountability, and transparency while restoring integrity that inspires confidence
  • How to take the CONflict out of CONfrontation

Tomorrow is our finale:

Day 5: Redefine yourself as a courageous conscious leader and build a bulletproof executive brand.

We are preparing to start a case study of the Corporate Consciousness Ripple Blueprint, in which we will go deeper into:

  • Achieving mental and emotional stability
  • Recognizing when ego is resisting change and how to shift it to receptivity
  • Instilling the HABITS that support CONSTANT leveling up of self-awareness, courage, and confidence
  • How to hold others accountable
  • Frameworks for making conscious decisions that don’t add layers of bureaucracy or waste time
  • How to navigate the dynamics of ego to influence groups and organizations

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I feel blessed to have these courageous leaders instill their trust and invest their time in me, and I will be doing another 5-day challenge next month.

Which challenge appeals more to you?

A Courageous Leader challenge or a Confident Leader challenge?

Please send me an email at karen@epiccareering.com to let me know your thoughts.

I hope to see you Tuesday for the Answer the Call to Conscious Leadership event on Authentic Connection with panelists Julia Armet, creator of Higher Playbook, and Amy Bradbury, Organizational Development Leader and Community Builder. Join the C3 group on LinkedIn for access.


Karen Huller, author of Laser-sharp Career Focus: Pinpoint your Purpose and Passion in 30 Days (bit.ly/GetFocusIn30), is founder of Epic Careering, a 13-year-old leadership and career development firm specializing in executive branding and conscious culture, as well as JoMo Rising, LLC, a workflow gamification company that turns work into productive play. 

While the bulk of her 20 years of professional experience has been within the recruiting and employment industry, her publications, presentations, and coaching also draw from experience in personal development, performance, broadcasting, marketing, and sales. 

Karen was one of the first LinkedIn trainers and is known widely for her ability to identify and develop new trends in hiring and careering. She is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Certified Career Transition Consultant, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Bachelor of Art in Communication Studies and Theater from Ursinus College and a minor in Creative Writing. Her blog was recognized as a top 100 career blog worldwide by Feedspot. 

She is an Adjunct Professor in Cabrini University’s Communications Department and previously was an Adjunct Professor of Career Management and Professional Development at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business  She is also an Instructor for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy where some of her students won the 2018 national competition, were named America’s Next Top Young Entrepreneurs, and won the 2019 People’s Choice Award. 

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