A quick poll: How is your JoMo (Job Momentum)?

  1. How would you rate your current momentum in your job transition on a scale of 1 (low) to 10FutUndBeidiMaze_Puzzle (high)?
  2. What was it at its peak? How many jobs were in play and how far along were you?
  3. How long did it last? In days, weeks, months?
  4. If your momentum slowed down at any point, what can you pinpoint as the cause?
  5. Do you know what to do to get it back up and keep it up?
  6. Have you ever thought, “I wish someone would tell me what I could do today that would have the greatest impact on my job search?” Y or N, comments?
  7. Most of the time, would you consider your job search:

A) Drudgery

B) Boring

C) Stagnant and discouraging

D) Kind of fun

E) Exhilarating

We are gathering this data in preparation to launch a product (a job search GAME) through our sister company, JoMo Rising, LLC, that will REVOLUTIONIZE careering!

We are familiar with the common causes of Slow JoMo and how to overcome them. This product will be available in the next couple weeks for anyone who has the goal of landing a great job by or in the new year.  If you have an interest in using this product to achieve your EPIC career, please e-mail us at karen@epiccareering.com ASAP. Seats will be limited to 100 for the first 2 months.








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  1. Before making a decision about where you will spend much of your life, we believe that it is very beneficial to have some idea about how the work environment may be at any company, from someone other than the employer who wants to hire you.

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