Month: August 2019

  • Networking 401 for the Network-Disabled: Following Up 

    If you have experienced moments as I described in posts from previous weeks (Networking 101, Networking 201, Networking 301), such as fears of being imposing, too aggressive, not interesting enough, etc., then following up will potentially, if not certainly, trigger more thoughts of the same. Even if you felt as though there was a strong […]

  • Networking 301 for the Network-Disabled: Creating Magic in the Moment

    Allow me to recap some important lessons from Networking 101 and Networking 201 on networking for the network-disabled: #1. Networking, at its best, is not a means to an end; it’s a life-enriching exercise that allows you to find and build relationships with people you like, care to know better, want to see more often, […]

  • Networking 201 for the Network-Challenged

    Last week we talked about how to find great events to begin and expand your comfort zone with networking.  This week let’s explore what you can do prior to an event that will help you make the most of it. Let’s assume you were able to identify 5 or 6 great events in the next […]

  • Networking 101 for the Network-Disabled: 9 Places to Find Networking Events for Beginners

    Last week I shared that I was painfully friend-disabled in grade school and explained how I expanded my horizons and developed greater self-awareness and self-confidence.  These were lessons I carried with me to college, where I continued to be involved in various kinds of on and off-campus communities. However, upon graduating I moved to the […]