Month: August 2017

  • Is Personal Development Selfish?

    Part 2 in the MindValley Reunion=Mind Blown series, which continues next week In the first couple hours of the MindValley reunion, thought provoking questions were invoking a deep sense of curiosity. The host, Mia Koning, a beautiful Kiwi soul, shared a couple of observations: #1 – On the East Coast of the US, where we […]

  • MindValley Reunion = Mind Blown!!

    Part 1 in the MindValley Reunion=Mind Blown series, which continues next weekSunday morning my Uber driver asked if I was going to church, and I replied, “No.” That wound up not to be true at all. It will be very challenging to portray exactly how immensely powerful this weekend was for me and 800 other […]

  • How to Be Honest About Interviewing for a New Job with Your Current Boss

    A client of mine is under extreme scrutiny at work. His company is bleeding talent and they are on high alert for critical people that they could lose. He, like me, has no poker face. He was confronted directly by his boss after we updated his LinkedIn profile. He found out with his answer whether […]

  • Back in the Hiring Saddle

    First, let me take a moment to acknowledge the amazing support I have enjoyed from my former assistant, Angela Moseley. I know there were times I took for granted how much less I had to burden myself so that I could better support Epic Careering clients and move forward initiatives, like publishing my book. In […]