100 Things to Make You Smile When Life Doesn’t Look Like We Want It To



One Hundred by Mark Paz
One Hundred by Mark Paz


For my 100th LinkedIn post, I want to take a page from my daughter’s preschool and kindergarten classes. They use the hundredth day of school not only to celebrate a milestone I never even thought to celebrate, but to teach kids about the number 100. It is a pretty significant number, as numbers go.

I decided, inspired by the hundredth day of school (that we are now actually celebrating having come to an end), that I wanted to use my hundredth post to expand an exercise that my daughters and I have started to do to turn our attitude into gratitude. It is a way to quickly recover when our complaining turns into a negative tailspin. I’ll have them or they’ll have me make a list of things for which we are grateful. In regard to effectiveness, this makes us feel better 100% of the time.

I started this list with ten things that I feel could apply to anyone anywhere in the world at any given moment. However, I ask you to contribute comments with the things that you can always turn to make you feel grateful and happy, even when the world around you does not seem so happy. The exercise of doing so, I guarantee, will lift your spirits. You can also be certain that as others read your contributions, you will be raising the level of happiness in others.

Recommendation: the worse you feel the more items you add. Keep adding items until you feel better.

1. You can improve your health right now just by moving.

2. It does not rain every day everywhere.

3. The biggest, scariest creatures lived a long, long time ago.

4. Satellites make it easy to see anywhere in the world.

5. It is rare that the sky is not interesting to gaze upon.

6. Seeds represent infinite possibility.

7. When life was invented, I was invented to be a self-sustaining cycle of endings and new beginnings.

8. Each of us had a mom and a dad, whether we know them or not, they brought us into this world and made possible whatever we wanted to be possible.

9. We are one of the few animals that can laugh.

10. There is music… Sweet music.


3 responses to “100 Things to Make You Smile When Life Doesn’t Look Like We Want It To”

  1. I’m thankful to be able to participate in such a gratitude exercise. The last day or so has been emotionally raw, so taking a moment to appreciate things is always helpful.

    11. Seeing a beautiful blue sky each morning– it fills me with hope for the day.
    12. Having supportive friends to lean on when I’m in need or feeling down.
    13. Taking a moment or two to sit down to enjoy a video game, TV show, or book during my downtime.
    14. Writing a good article, participating in meaningful online discussion for my interests, and just writing in general.
    15. Waking up each morning, grateful that God has allowed me to see another day.
    16. The phrase, “Seize the day.” Sometimes it’s just too easy to get caught up in worrying about the future at the expense of the present.
    17. Communication technology- never has so much information been available at one’s fingertips.
    18. The times I’m able to get a full night’s rest and feel recharged in the morning.
    19. There’s always new opportunity to be found during each day.
    20. Natural and urban skyscapes- sometimes it’s just nice to gaze at natural and man-made wonders and lose yourself in their beauty.

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