Criteria Identifier and Target Company Evaluator

4way Even though our career coaching counterparts echo our sentiments about how starting your job search by identifying your criteria, most job seekers go no further than identifying their target title, location and size, if they even go that far. However, career coaches, life coaches, and employers alike will tell you that the clearer you are about what you want, the closer you will get to it. We actually borrowed this system from a company for whom our founder used to recruit, who would require recruiters to enter a score for a myriad of skills for each candidate, and if the candidate did not score an average of 80% for all of the required skills, the candidate was automatically rejected. We're not that harsh. We're offering a tool that facilities a logical method to jump off research toward a proactive career campaign AND, once you build Epic momentum and garner competing offers, it's a logical way to compare opportunities. You don't have to disqualify companies that meet less than 80% of your criteria if your heart or your gut tells you to pursue it, but it's logical input that you can weigh into your decision. We have seen how doing the work of identifying criteria aids in identifying target companies and how these steps together shorten and optimize job searches. Watch this video demonstration: The Criteria Identifier and Target Company Evaluator is just $49 [wp_cart_button name="Criteria Identifier and Target Company Evaluator" price="49.00"] [show_wp_shopping_cart]

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